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A Uni-Sader is quite simply an ambassador of unicycling. A balanced one that appreciates the multiple joys and benefits of not only unicycling, but in teaching others to learn for themselves. In 2008, the original Uni-Saders were a group of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School second graders and their teacher Jimmy Agnew. Inspired by a high school freshman that had just recently learned to unicycle himself, they began gathering unicycles from craigslist and neighborhood garage sales. They would meet in the small gym every Friday after school and together they would laugh, and play, and celebrate their failures as they consistently fell over and over again. Learning to unicycle, they quickly discovered, is not for the faint of heart. Only with perseverance, determination, and constant encouragement from their peers, did they eventually, one by one, learn to ride. It became very obvious that this club was actually about so much more than simply unicycling. The children were not only embracing challenges and learning themselves, but through collaborative play, they were inspiring others to learn as well. Over the next few years the club continued to grow in popularity and interest by leaps and bounds. By 2012, there were more children in the elementary school unicycle club than the entire Texas high school football program and by 2015, over 700 children could proudly call themselves a Uni-Sader.

Uni-Sader Trailer (The Story)

Uni-Saders Roll Through Family Fair

Official Uni-Saders Teaser

5 Point Film Festival Presentation

5 Point Film Festival Standing Ovation

"Most Inspiring" Winner at 5 Point Film Festival

Through years of local parades, halftime shows, and community wide events, The Uni-Saders were able to share their story with a much larger audience. In efforts to capture the beauty of this uniquely inspiring club, Jimmy Agnew and his cousin Trey Vollmer from Vollmer Visuals created a short film documentary. In the spring of 2015,The "Uni-Saders," was screened at SXSW Edu Film Festival. The excitement and exposure created tremendous momentum. Soon schools across Texas were reaching out asking us to help them launch unicycle clubs for their own communities. That excitement and enthusiasm is what has led to launching our non profit organization One Wheel Many Children. In the spring of 2016, OWMC screened it's latest cut of The Uni-Saders at 5points Adventure Film Festival in Carbondale, CO. The film won the Most Inspiring Award and has already received multiple invitation to to other festivals around the nation. The Uni-Saders are not exactly sure where their magical path will continue to lead, but they know that they'll forever enjoy life's ride.