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Donation Total: $25

Thank you for appreciating our story and supporting our vision.  I’m confident that this social venture will have lasting benefits for generations to come.  Your contributions help us to establish new unicycle clubs in underserved communities.

Unicycle clubs simply make sense. They make sense for boys and girls of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. They make sense for parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators that promote lifestyles of health and wellness. They have a natural appeal for communities that want to empower children to become more than they ever dreamed possible. Unicycling clubs can be a part of a solution for those concerned with the state of our educational system and for those alarmed of the bleak forecast of our nation’s health. But most importantly, the beauty of unicycle clubs is that they inspire children to connect, communicate, and learn from each other through the universal language of play. We find ourselves blessed and privileged to be able to share our vision and open people’s eyes to the limitless possibilities and profound impact of unicycle clubs.

One Wheel. One World. One Love.